Uppskattar siten whatif.com väldigt mycket – den kan varmt rekommenderas! Idag skickade jag mail till Whatif, se nedan. Väntar nu på spänning på svar från What If.

Dear What If,

Me and the kids enjoy your site tremendously, thank you 🙂

We read an article the other day about the scientific possibility of the different superheroes’ superpowers, and we started discussing what would happen if Hulk needed to visit the bathroom.

Say that Bruce Banner is just about to go to the loo – he really, really needs to… And then enters a villain, so he turns all big and green. What will happen to the pee and the poo? Will it also grow inside him? Will the pee and poo also turn green? Will he still have to go to the loo?

If you need to go, you kind of can ”forget it” if you get really upset, but just to a point. If Bruce has kept it too long already, the Hulk will not be able to contain himself indefinitely. That is, if things grow proportionately inside him.

Now reverse also… What if the Hulk chomps away on a couple of burgers and a barrel of soda, so he needs to pay a visit. But now he goes back to being Bruce… For all things holy I sincerely hope that the things within the Hulk will shrink in proportion. Horrible thought otherwise.

Many thanks,

Cooldad with family